Innovation, we are here to stay…

For almost a decade, Zephyr has been continiously developing great bikes in Taiwan, we believe in solutions, we make them real.


Creating great eBikes takes more than just many hours of hard work, it takes vision and passion, our bikes are fruit of extensive development and constant improvements.


I need to rush to my job early morning, I love my Zephyr, pedal and go. Going shopping? going on weekends around the lake or travelling in Bolivia or Mongolia? Imagine where you want to go and Zephyr will take you there.

Evø Khonas

Evø Stökk

Evø Stökk ( AM27.5-B ) it’s a great all-mountain bike, full-suspension and full-adventure, go off road, and test your bike in the mountain trails.

Evø Landkönnundur

Evø Landkönnundur (XC27.5-B), it’s a hard-tail that will surprise you for its performance and versatility.

IROBI ( CT27.5-TS )

Communting in Tokyo, love your bike and love the road, let Irobi take you everywhere

YULE ( LD27.5-TS )

Loving Summer? Explore around with Yule and feel comfortable riding in the city


Sulla (TK700-CONTI) it’s not any bike, it’s a Conti bike that comes with Conti belt, being maintenance free, made for touring, enjoy your weekend!


Moxos (RD700-D) it’s the best commuter ever, its elegant, racing-looking, definitely cool and will take you every day to work.


Amsterdam (LD700-R), it’s the first bike using a Chrome frame specially adapted for Shimano Steps, its classic and elegant.

Tromsø ( FD20-F )

Evø Fjellklatrer ( AM27.5-A )

Evø Mælir ( XC26-A )

Lugano/Livia ( CT700-DA/LD700-VA )

Mizque ( CT22-D )

Palawan/Firenze Express ( LD700-V/CT700-D)

Palawan/Firenze Express ( LD700-V/CT700-D)

Evo Dirt Jump, enjoy riding in the city, comfortable and cool, carry your things with you, get lost in the urban jungle, go upstairs, downstairs with your wide tires…… go dirty