Get ready for Zephyr, and go!

10 years of Zephyr, in which we have grown and gone from the first step to the next, and we keep moving forward. We’ve designed our own electric system for city bikes, great satisfaction and permanent improvements are our achievements.
We offer you great frames with great electric systems, we focus on providing solutions to your needs, going from efficient maintenance free bikes to endurance in our off-road series.
Get on your Zephyr, it’ll take accompany you wherever you go, it’s a great companion.

DESIGN Philosophy

We prioritize efficiency and functionality above all. Our frame design is focused on light weight and functionality, our belt drive bikes are engineered to make your pedalling more efficient, whilst providing you with comfortable and maintenance free products.
Our mountain bikes focus on endurance, comfort and power output, we pay careful attention to the frame design and riding efficiency, our mountain bikes are tested in rough terrain to ensure maximum satisfaction.