Who we are

What makes Zephyr so special is its great light weight design and innovative solutions. Our passion for bike engineering and technical aspects has one goal:

To our users… We strive to provide the best quality products and services for everyday life that are reliable and valuable, whilst helping to protect our environment.

To our partners

We inspire ourselves to think creatively and to strive for continuous self-improvement in order to solve challenges and deliver the best solutions. We work for leading companies and offer long-range solutions from the production development to efficient logistics. Made by Zephyr means a Lebensenergie promise of the highest quality, there are no ifs and buts, just great solutions made true.

The Challenge

Our society is changing constantly and rapidly, cities expand and grow, the demand for transportation increases, most of us when going to work and back home, pollute our environment by using traditional transportation means. Zephyr is aware of this problem, we design alternative means of transportation which are light weight and use innovative control systems that make our life more convenient, trendy and help to reduce pollution by commuting in cities.